Importance Of Mental Health

Mental health is one of the widely neglected subjects despite its important role in human life. You might assume that mental health is a taboo and is a scheme to make money. Unfortunately, it is not true and mental health and disorders are very real and they affect the people in their personal, professional and social life. Sometimes, there are certain factors in our life that contribute to the mental health. There are different theories claiming that different factors only affect human behaviour. But humans are much complicated beings who are influenced an affected by different things differently due to the individual differences.

Environmental and social factors

Family is one of the predominant factors in our lives which are source of our immeasurable joy and sadness. A person can be moulded or altered depending on their family. For example, when a child grows up seeing their parents have a bad relationship, their ideologies on the concepts of marriage and other related factors would be negative. Though later in life they might rationalise and compartmentalize, it will always influence and affect their relationships. Issues like the above said are identified in trauma therapy Townsville when a couple comes with a problem in their life.Families are important part of our life from birth to death.

When families have unresolved issues and hostility, it would affect and stun the development of the children in the house and will even lead to the children displaying such deviant behaviour. Therefore, when there are problems in the family as a whole it is better to opt for family counselling. It is of significance that there are other environmental factors like friends and jobs which will indirectly or directly influence an individual’s life and mental health.

Biological factors

Sometimes, there are people who are actually born with mental illness. They will carry a predisposition disorders and when they are exposed to adverse situations, the disorder is triggered and shows in the individual’s life. This is why it is important to keep a keen eye on your mental health. It is essential for friend and family to point out when an individual is behaving different from what you are normally used to.In conclusion, it can be seen that mental health is still a topic that is kept under the wraps and is not discussed widely. Currently, there are several individuals who are suffering from mental disorders and are unable to talk about it to any one or ask for help due to the casual attitude taken by people. Most of the people who commit suicide are often found to having problems with their psyche. Therefore, it is about time we give mental health the attention it deserves and talk about it.